The Updated Corset - The Corset Belt

October 25, 2017

Fashion history reveals the first recorded corset originated from Crete in Greece, worn by the Minoan people. Images on ancient pottery show both women and men sporting form fitting belts and vests with leather rings or straps that constrict and shape the waist. Culturally, this showed a women’s ideal shape, accentuating the beauty of her curves and often exposing bare breasts. 

Historians are unsure if women wore corsets during the Middle Ages as it is thought that they usually covered from head to toe in a modest way. Tunics and long clothing were usually worn and did not accentuate a womens curves that greatly worn more for comfort rather than fashion. The idea prevailed that the body was sinful, so dresses were usually loose and flowing. During the 12th century, an illustration of a demon wearing a corset might suggests the supposed cultural profanity in the garment.

But when people think of the 16th century dress, the first thing that comes to mind is the corset. The corset represents a fundamental shift in the concept of clothing and tailoring; instead of shaping clothes to the body, as had been done throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance, the body began to conform to the fashionable shape of the clothing worn.
 There is one 16th century reference to a small waist being fashionable, but on the whole it was a fashionably flat-torsoed shape, rather than a tiny waist, that the corset was designed to achieve.

Nowadays, the corset is worn over jumpers, shirts, dresses, hoodies, t-shirts...literally over everything. Just like everything else, there are corsets and corsets. Some look cheap and trashy (no matter how you style them - keep those for a funny Halloween look), some can make you look gorgeous and elevate your look. While I am not a huge fan of the classic corset, I love corset-inspired accessories, such as this belt. It features a on-trend pattern - the Glen Plaid (it's just the name of this type of check pattern) which can easily be clashed with rich floral patterns, stripes, animal print, other types of plaids, etc. 
I chose to wear it with this ZAFUL dress featuring a rich floral pattern and a ton sur ton jacket from the same brand, plus red socks boot, a mini bag big enough to fit my phone and card and my flashy Gucci glasses. The only thing I would add for this weather (quite cold and windy) is a pair of tights - either bordeaux or burnt orange to complete the look. Enjoy!


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Photo: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your history on the corset. I usually prefer traditional corsets, but your modern take on it is very intriguing. The plaid and floral of your dress somehow work really well : )

  2. (Frenchie here) This outfit is incredibly PER-FECT! So perfect I'm getting emotional. Everything you wear was to be worn that way. Too bad I can't find it on lookbook, I would have hype it!


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