Monday Blues

January 29, 2018

When I think of corduroy, I think of the 90's. Not because it all began then (because it didn't, the fabric appeared in the 18th century), but because I used to own some Levi's pants in the same colour as the ones I am wearing today.

Like it or not, it's still winter even if at times it feels like spring, therefore wearing warm fabrics is a must. I personally love the simplicity of some corduroy trousers worn with a thick sweater - there is something timeless in this mix; timeless yet modern, minimal and sleek. Weekend vibes, weekend-leisure at its best. 

I probably wore them in the same combination back in the 90's, paired with a thick jumper, but probably with a warmer jacket and boots. I remember it was winter when I got them, it was freezing outside, everything was white and sparkly and I loved them so. As far as I remember, I also wore them with velvet shirts. These velvet shirts I used to have were so awesome: I remember a gold one, another with a animal print (tiger), and perhaps a turqoise one, although I am pretty sure I had many of those shirts. They were something else, wish I had at least one of those now. 

Now, I added an oversized denim jacket in a crisp white with an embroidered message which I totally relate to (hence the jacket), a red leather bag which looks exactly like the Céline box bag, but it's not. It's a replica in real leather, which can be found on RoseGal (link below), kitten heels in gingham and glittery socks. You know what I crave for in most of my outfits: comfort, freshness, freedom of movement. This outfit can be worn at school, work, on weekend, for long walks (just add white Stan Smiths instead of heels), for coffees with your best friend, shopping and the list goes on. Enjoy!


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