Dreams of White Nights

May 29, 2018

I feel like every summer I am writing about the same idea: the white dress.

Every year when summer gets near, I start hunting down the perfect white dress. I simply need at least one new white dress for each summer. Last year, it's been all about the "wedding dress", or a quite flamboyant long lace white dress that I paired with a Gucci tee and belt, red accessories and black Converse hi-tops. See it here.

This year, I found one of my beloved summer dresses at Metisu, one of the shopping platforms I really love. Nope, I am not wearing any brands with it, altough you might think of Chanel when first seeing the look; it's not. Just some very affordable accessories that really elevate the whole look.

I am not a huge fan of asymmetric dresses (and right now I am thinking about those shorter in the front and longer in the back), but this one I love. Perhaps because of its ruffles, it makes look like a wrap dress, even if it's not. It's also lined so don't worry about transparency issues. Myself, well...I love transparent dresses. The only thing when choosing one is going for the perfect underwear, otherwise you end up looking super cheap.
 Plus of course, hair, makeup and even manicure + pedicure (if it can be seen) truly make a difference. Putting too much makeup that makes you look unnatural, like a plastic doll, is not cool. On any outfit. Opt for relaxed versions instead, even for night and I can guarantee you will see a huge change, all for the better. Fake eyelashes are a MUST NOT. Never ever I will opt for fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions, they're just soo ewww. 
Accept your face, embrace and learn to love it as it is. You don't need to be flawless. Just be imperfectly perfect. Alright, so I ended up writing about my life philosophy.
But for me staying as natural as possible is a golden rule. And it's always winning.

Scroll down for more photos of this flu-flu dress in which you can dance your summer nights away. Enjoy!


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