What Summer Means to Me

June 18, 2018

Mid-June feels like the perfect time to let your summer plans be born, dreams be made and fulfilled too.

From the earliest days of our lives, summer was a carefree time of joy, pure happiness, love and dreams come true. Summer still is the time of holidays, freedom, of white nights and all that's good in the world. It all started, perhaps, with those endless summer holidays we had back in school. Oh brother, those were the days of our lives!

After a very long year, filled both with tears and joy, the time has come, once again, to put everything imperfect behind us and step into this new world of sunshine, good vibes, music that makes your heart dance and your soul sing, of long nights that smell of lavender and taste of white wine, where bonfires are made by friends gathering together, where the rain doesn't matter, where you feel like dancing instead of walking and signing instead of talking. Welcome to summer, version 20.18, where everything seems possible. Dreams are to be made and get fullfiled now. 

Feeling the warm rays of sunshine on my skin this morning in the park, I took off the black jumper I was wearing and for two hours, just in a pair of shorts and a Calvin Klein bralet, I was lying there on the green grass, my face facing the sky. I chose my spot carefully, just near the leafy shadow of an old oak; it wasn't sure how hot it was going to be. There was silence, kids playing in the far distance and just my friend and her dog with me. The park was almost empty and the sky was so blue, it almost felt like a bright Klein blue. It was one of those moments which in spite of their simplicity, was to be remembered and cherished forever. Although my friend and I were talking, the air was filled this silence, the kind of silence you only hear in the summer. The rustling of a leaf, a bird's song, infinite green and blue. And us, so small undernath all this infinity. 
See...do you get that feeling? That's what summer is for me: time that stands still. Moments, sewn carefully, all melted in the thread of time.




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