Look of the Day - Wednesday

July 04, 2018

Another obsession for this summer is wearing warm colours. I've never been a fan of yellow, orange and warm shades of brown but this year they all feel right.

For today, is all about this linen deux-pièces which doesn't actually come together. I found the top separately from the skirt, but they are made of the same fabric and are the exact same shade of lemon yellow. These are also from Zaful.
I find the top handy, as I can mix it into different outfits, with various colours, and it looks amazing all the time. It's a pop of colour that works amazingly with pastel pink, pastel or cobalt blue, optic white, even lavender. The other day I wore it with pastel pink palazzo trousers and I got lots of compliments on the whole look!

Same with the skirt, you can mix it with different colours and textures - think of a light knitted vest or a silk blouse. Yup, looks awesome. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the sea this weekend to shot this loo there, but I went bare foot to get that authentic feeling.

Curious about what I am going to wear tomorrow? 



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