Brown's the New Black

September 18, 2018

Brown is definitely the new black. I have never been a fan of brown until few years back, when I fell in love with it.

Almost 7 years ago, I was in Zara, browsing the end-of-summer sales, when a caramel-hued sweater caught my eye. In a way, I hated it. Brown seemed old, not fresh at all. But it looked great on me and the price was also good so I bought it. I've worn it few times during Fall and Winter, then I gave it away. Few months after, I found a caffe-latte-ish hued shirt, with gold glittered buttons. What a beauty!
Slowly, I started to discover brown and all its warm shades, each with its own story. I started to love it. Then the amber hues, and all the earrings that came with that. I can't say I am wearing it super often, but when I do, I choose the shade that tells my story. This caramel dress is as sweet as is pretty, so here I am. Want advice? Mix in some prints while wearing brown. It works best! From animal print to checks or dots, anything is allowed. Fashion's all about having fun, remember?


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