The Blue Dress

October 29, 2018

The littlest things can bring the greatest joys. Or the greatest deceptions. But let's focus on the good because that's what I believe in.

One of the best things that happened lately is discovering, or best to say...rediscovering a shopping platform which I laid my eyes upon few years ago: SHEIN.
I have never worn anything from them, until last week when I decided to review few products. I went for a long, flowy blue dress in a silk-like fabric and a plaid, belted blazer.

To be honest, I was surprised by the good quality of these two pieces, especially the dress which looks and feels amazing - the fabric is soft, flowy, more similar to silk than to satin, true to size and so damn pretty. 
The blazer looks great too, I went for size M because I was hoping to be able to mix it with a chunky jumper this autumn so that's why it may look a bit big - it is, if worn over such a thin fabric. Should have gone for a smaller size, but...I always see myself bigger than I actually am (being overweight in my childhood still has its toll on me).

I wanted to wear the two together, in a Gucci-inspired look. Yup, I still consider Alessandro Michele one of the fashion gods so here you go: lace tights, Gucci ACE sneakers, an oversized, chunky necklace, golden-chain bag and natural hair. I simply love this aesthetic, wearing such mixes makes me feel like being part of a surreal movie. And I love the feeling! Don't you?

Check out SHEIN and make sure to use my code carlavadan20 to get 20% OFF any purchase.


Lantern Sleeve Wrap Dress - HERE
Belted Plaid Blazer - HERE

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