Blue Winter

December 10, 2018

There's no limit to how many faux fur coats one can have. Myself, I really love them. There's nothing warmer than one of these and nothing that looks funkier and cosier.

Although I own many faux fur coats, they all are quite boring in terms of colour: pale pink, burnt orange, black. So I told myself I would go bold this year. And yas, I went for blue.
One of the most beautiful shades of blue I've ever seen...even though blue is a cold colour, this has a warmth to it which I absolutely adore and which also is difficult to explain in words. So you'll have to scroll down for more.
I wished to emphasize the coat, therefore I went for black high-waisted trousers with a belted waist, a stripy roll-neck and precious accessories: glitter boots, sparkly hair clips and a pearl-embellished bag.

The trousers and fur, they're both from SHEIN. And I must say, this coat is warmer than expected. Even though it seems fluffy but not so thick, it keeps you warm. Thumbs up for that! And I was pleasantly surprised to see these trousers are actually a nice and proper length, even for those over 175 cm, like me. I rarely order trousers online as they tend to be short and look horrible when too cropped, but not these.

I am recently obsessed with cool hair clips, and I find myself hunting for them over different websites daily. I want them all: sparkly, pearly, colourful, beaded, whatever there is...bring it on! I prefer them over earrings these days, as they are easy to wear and they look glam & precious. Your hair needs it this season. Don't overcrowd with other pieces of jewellery and simply let these speak for themselves.



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