February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and I thought you might need some advice on how to impress that special someone. Worry no more, I got you all sorted, with four different looks, perfect for any occasion.

For me, Valentine's Day is just another day when love and affection is on the cards, accompanied by a glass of bubbly and perhaps a sophisticated attire. 
Valentine's is perhaps that day of the year when you should show some love to yourself in the first place. 
Love your body, your imperfections, clear your mind and be at peace with yourself, knowing that you have showed love to everything and everyone around you. You know what I mean: say sorry to someone you feel you wronged, get in touch with an old friend, write a letter to someone you're thinking about, express your feelings for your loved one, both physically and verbally, do something you always felt like doing but never had the guts to, etc. Valentine's Day is not about red hearts, lace corsets, sexy lingerie and pouted lips. It is about you. And about the way you interact and feel the world around you.
There is love everywhere, in everything and everyone. And you don't need Valentine's Day to put on provocative lingerie and feel sexy. You need Valentine's to remind you that love is there, and it won't go away. You can show love to yourself and whoever is in your life now every single day for the rest of your life. You can wear that lingerie 7 days a week, you can feel sexy 365 days a year. Allow the 14th of February to be a gentle reminder. Allow yourself to love more, more often and more of this world.

But let's get back to the outfits I'd love to inspire you with: all of them are ordered from SHEIN. Make sure to use my discount code SH4145
(Extra 15% OFF, NO LIMITATION,valid until 2019.03.31), valid only for the US website.

The first and my favourite one is a simple white dress, featuring puffy shoulders and covered buttons. It does feel a bit bridal, the first time I tried it on I exclaimed: "I will wear this dress to my wedding anniversary!" but I will certainly wear it in the summer, just as it is, with a Birkin basket and canvas shoes, or with the sandals above for an evening look. 
For now, pair it with sheer black tights, minimal sandals and an oversized wool blazer for a nice evening out...dinner perhaps?

A very similar dress: puffy shoulder, button-down, but this marled texture gives it a whole different vibe, toning it down and making it more...approachable. I love wearing it with glasses as an accessory (even though they are simply a fashion item for me, no practicality) and perhaps I would add some eletrcic blue or deep red tights to it, to make it more wintery. Wear for any occasion!

A faux-leather or leather dress will always turn heads. The good part? It does keep you warm in February while making you look hot hot hot. I love going for a total look when it comes to this one - all black everything, maybe some red lipstick and that's it.

The fourth outfit is probably not what you would expect, it's a pyjama/kimono situation, which I absolutely adore. You can wear it in, or for an evening out, you can add statement earrings and tie your hair back in a chignon, add heels and simply play around with it. It's the most comortable ever, and it shows a bit of skin too. Leave the rest to his/her imagination.

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