Haute Florist & The Flowers of My Dreams

June 23, 2019

Few days ago I unboxed a huge box on my Instagram stories, filled with the most gorgeous bouquet from HauteFlorist.co.uk . You guys loved them as much as I do, so I decided to tell you more about them. 

The bouquet was delivered to me via next day delivery, in a safe cardboard box, in which they arrived intact - none of the flowers was broken, there wasn't any damage whatsoever to the bouquet which made me super happy!

This wonderful mix of flowers feels like a dream to be honest, the type of flowers, their colour scheme, the whole vibe...it simply couldn't represent me or my taste in flowers more. And, by the grace of Universe, the roses in the bouquet happen to be my favourite colour of roses. It made me smile.

This particular mix is called Graceful Beauty and it can be found on HauteFlorist.co.uk starting at £40, depending on its size. I am not an expert in flower names, therefore I will paste a short description of what this bouquet actually features:

"This fine arrangement focusses on bringing several colours and textures together in perfect harmony. From the deep shades of Veronica Blue and blue Lisianthus to the lighter-coloured Memory Lane Roses and White Snapdragons, the floral highlights in this bouquet are unlike any other. Our experts have also included Stallion Chrysanthemums, Tanacetum, Green Bell, and Blue Eryngium for good measure. Each stem is carefully arranged to showcase its unique beauty. "

Memory Lane Roses, I finally found out their name. Just how nostalgic and beautiful does that sound? Like a dream, indeed.
 I am going to let the images do their justice, as words aren't enough to describe the etheral beauty of these flowers, their scent, their vibe, and the many emotions they rise inside each of our hearts. Enjoy!

Photos: Carla Vadan @carlavadan

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