How To Wear Everything You Want And Look Cool

November 26, 2019

How to wear every single thing you want and look cool? You will say it's impossible: you don't have the perfect weight, or the perfect height, or the confidence...wrong!

Well I will present you 3 different looks, all created around some gorgeous pieces I found on SHEIN, in order to prove my theory.

The first look is inspired by Matrix, and that's because it's an all leather look, all black, covered by a black&white coat in order to make it warm and even cooler! You probably know by know I love mixing textures so again, one more reason to play with this fabulous coat. One key detail? See how all details are silver? On by bag, boots, shirt button, rings (which I always wear and never take off) and earrings. That brings unity to the look, and also gives it a cooler edge. Now imagine if everything was golden - it would be a totally different story, more towards Donatella Versace than Matrix. So keep that in mind. For me, silver is more punk, grunge, whilst gold is glam and edgy.

Then I have a crazy all sequin, all silver look. No words needed. I am in love with this ensemble. 

The third look is a mixture of black & neutrals, of silver and gold.  Sometimes I love mixing them, but it depends on the mix of colours which I am wearing, so be careful. The puffer is the piece I am most obsessed with these days, the fact it's made from faux leather gives it a much needed, very cool update. Its creamy colour completes its vibe perfectly, making it a perfect choice to pair with almost everything, from dresses to jeans. Also the quilted bag from SHEIN is so pretty and precious, it can complete any minimal look with that extra bit of sparkle.

So you might wonder what do all these looks have in common? They have me. And your looks have you. Give them your love, show them some attitude. Don't let your clothes wear you, always wear them. With confidence. And that way you can wear every single thing you want and always be the coolest.


Houndstooth Coat - HERE search ID   884752
Layered Sequin Skirt - HERE search ID  859269
Faux Leather Puffer - HERE search ID  862720
Quilted Bag - HERE search ID  865380

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Meet the creators:

Photography: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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