Winter Ready In 3 Different Looks From SHEIN

December 22, 2019

SHEIN is definitely my fav online retailer, and wanna know why?

There are millions of clothes and accessories to suit my style and satisfy my soul - everything I want or can imagine in terms of clothes, I know for sure I can find on SHEIN! I was flirting with the idea of getting a maxi cardigan, well guess what: I found the perfect one, in a fluffy beige version.
A beige faux leather shirt? Sorted. And it's very similar in style to a Ganni shirt which I love.
So many dresses to choose from, yet this one seemed so perfect for winter with its delicate flower motifs and golden thread.

Scrolling some more on their website, I found a faux leather jumpsuit, with V neck and puffy shoulders (my fav details ever, now together!) - all black, which also fits perfectly. I always get the size S on SHEIN, unless I want something oversized, then I go for an M, like for my cardigan and teddy coat below. The teddy puffer is one of the warmest teddy coats ever, in a beautiful shade of buttery white which works with everything. And want to know something? I have exactly 1649 saved items on my SHEIN account, so stay tuned for my next order.


Longline Cardigan - HERE search ID: 927165
Leather Blouse - HERE search ID: 888825
Smock Dress - HERE search ID:   946789
Faux Leather Jumpsuit - HERE search ID: 906820
Teddy Jacket - HERE search ID: 882184

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Meet the creators:

Photography: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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