5 Pieces From SHEIN You Will Want In Your Wardrobe Now

January 22, 2020

I have received so many compliments on this gorgeous jacquard dress with puffy shoulders from you guys, and for that I thank you! I apologise for the delay in making this new blog post as I know for a fact many of you wanted the link to it so baldy - it's here now, together with few other pieces I just ordered from SHEIN which I love. And how can I not love them?
There's the pretty blazer in bright pink, with an amazing fit (I got a size S), the sophisticated organza trench coat covered in leopard print, the beautiful blouse in crisp white cotton featuring a very feminine embroidered collar and last but not least, a timeless camel suit with a very chic detail - a satin snakeskin print lapel. 
You have all the direct links to these beauties below, make sure to click on "HERE" in order to get straight to the page where you can start shopping. Enjoy!




Make sure to use my code US1carla15  in order to get extra 15% off only on us.shein.com 
Valid to March 31th​, 2020

Jacquard Satin Dress - HERE search 917703
Fucshia Blazer - HERE search 939734
Animal Print Organza Trench Coat - HERE search 917746
Embroidered Collar Blouse - HERE search 930954
Camel Suit - HERE search 846600

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