The Comfiest Sneakers I've Ever Walked In

June 03, 2020

Sneakers with (almost) everything. That was my forever style, as I loved rocking Converse with everything in high-school, Vans with everything in Uni, and later I've came across other brands, more high end...which again were like dotting the i's and crossing the t's in my outfits.

As I grew older, I went for more feminine shoes too but I still can't let sneakers go. They are my first love and they will forever remain in my heart...and in my wardrobe. You can imagine my excitement once I found out about SHEIN's brand new footwear brand, Cuccoo.

They are light as a feather - literally, one shoe weighs 130 grams and they are made of TransKnit (recycled plastic bottles, just how cool is that!?), with a marshmallow like midsole that is undeniably comfortable and sustainable! I am wearing The Everyday Sneaker (that's the name of this particular model) which comes in black, white and unicorn pink - a sort of holographic pink with a bit of glitter in it. They are so minimal in their design yet extremely comfortable - wearing them is just like walking bare foot, except better. Oh, did I mention they are just under $30?

 I will leave you the links to these beauties below, plus a discount code to use when ordering. Enjoy!


Use my codeCCP24

Discount: Extra 15% off any purchase
Valid until: June 30, 2020

Bow Front Cut Out Floral Dress  search 1161219  
CUCCOO - The Everyday Sneakers  search 1187850  
CUCCOO - The Everyday Sneakers search   1187849 
CUCCOO - The Everyday Sneakers search 1187846  

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