How I Wear Leather This Fall

October 15, 2020

I wear leather in every colour, shape and form...well, almost.

Given the fact I currently live in London, I find leather (be it real or faux) to be one of the coolest, most versatile and easy-to-wear in all types of weather fabric. It can cover you up properly on a rainy day, it can protect you from the nasty autumn wind - and trust me, we have plenty of it here, it can look effortlessly chic on a sunny day. Bref, it's simply perfect!

I found the coolest pieces on SHEIN this time, and I got dressed in this fab material head to toe! The knee-high boots in beige are a dream, I've been wanting them ever since I first laid my eyes on'em: the kitten heel, the pointy but square toe, their length and particular hue...just wow. Then there is the 70s-inspired faux leather dress which comes in many colours, but I went for this gorgeous duck egg green, the khaki jacket with oversized collar, an oversized biker jacket in light gray (another dream), the Bottega-inspired box bag in a beautiful shade of light blue and last but not least, the only thing I got which isn't leather - the black top/dress, made from the softest fabric.

I don't want to bore you so I'll just leave the links to every single piece down below. And a discount code to use on your new SHEIN order. Enjoy!


   Oversized Biker Jacket or type 1484545 in the search section
Khaki Leather Jacket  or 1562580  
Leather Dress or 1381027 
Over-the-knee Boots or 1271802 
Braided Bag  or 1432946 

Sunglasses and bumbag are both from NEONHOPE : EOS sunglasses and bumbag in blush.

Use my unique code carlavadan15 
Get extra 15% off. Valid to Dec 31st 2020

Only available for the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico, and Spain market!



Photography: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan


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