Hello, lockdown!

January 07, 2021


2021 started with another lockdown, how else? To be honest, I really don't care about it anymore as it's been almost a year now and we're in the same place as when this little nightmare started. 
So I do whatever I please, continue my life as normal as I can, dress up wherever I am as I do not wish to put my life on hold indefinitely. What for?

The latest selection of cool clothes I got is from FemmeLuxe, as you know they do have a great selection of loungewear , lounge sets and many other cool pieces. Loungewear sets are a new favourite of mine, see the last one in this post - as they're chic and comfortable, perfect to be worn at home. Then there are the oversized vests, in black and white and white and black - I am not even sorry as I love these so much I want them all! Zip-up tops are also a fav of mine, especially during the cold season as you can easily dress them up or down. Find more at Femmeluxe.co.uk





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