Just another day - Valentine's Day

January 29, 2021

To be honest, I have never been crazy about Valentine's Day.
The idea seems strange and selfish to me, as I believe love should be celebrated and shown, gifted if you wish, every single day, at any given moment, for as long as we live.

That's why, my idea of outfits for the world pandemic version of Valentine's is simple: be yourself, feel good, wear whatever you feel like! There's no recipe for what makes us each glow, and also "being sexy" is a state of mind, it's in the way you look, talk, carry yourself, wear your clothes, eat...this sexiness we all crave for, secretly or not, is to be found within you. Clothes can't help, as attitude is everything when it comes to it. Cheers to being yourself, in your best version. As always.


Black Dress or search 1886175
Bustier Jumpsuit in Satin or search 1812976
White Blazer (I am wearing size M) or search 1829452
Square Toe Slingback Pumps or search 1957326
Men's Plaid Shacket or search 1780099
Men's Colourblock Cardigan or search 1700536

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Valid from Jan 8th to Mar 31st, 2021

#SHEIN #SHEINgals #SHEINvalentines

Photography: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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