What's smiling got to do with it?

May 21, 2013

Hi! Today I'm going to write about  spontaneous naturalness.

How to be yourself and act naturally when posing in 3 easy steps:

1. Stop smiling like an idiot in each and every single shot, you won't look natural! Your eyes always tell the truth. So quit faking it.
2. Act normal! Don't try to copy others' countenance or body language, you are a UNIQUE individual. So act as one.
3. Again, feel free to be whoever you want to be: a badass, a glamorous chick, a sexy gal, a pink pony, a flying elephant.
Now take your photographer and just...be gorgeous!
You are beautiful as you are, anyways.


Vintage shirt and rainbow tweed jacket, Zara trousers, H&M socks and sneakers.

Photos by Christian Vadan

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