December, My Love

November 30, 2016

It's soon December, my fav time of the year. It's that period of the year when the animal print makes a huge comeback, sequins seem like a great day choice for everyone (I love wearing them throughout the year though - summer, winter, it doesn't matter to me), sheer fabrics look more precious, sparkly makeup feels more glam than ever and everything is possible.
December is about feeling good, being grateful, feeling peaceful, partying, spending time with the ones we love and of course, making plans and setting resolutions for the New Year - that's one of my favourite parts actually!
Talking of parties, I thought it would be helpful to present one party look that is actual, on trend, super comfortable and easy to wear, so here it is!

Ruffled Sheer Shirt - HERE
Destroyed Denim Skirt - HERE
A denim skirt always looks good! It can be dressed up or down - it can be casual, sensual, even smart,  street or punk. Paired with a ruffle detail shirt and lace tights...oh well, it can be perfect for a party! My advice, if you decide on a sheer shirt - careful on your lingerie. Choose a lace triangle bra without any padding or push up - one that's not transparent. You might want to look sensual, but there's a difference between vulgar and provocative. Opt for an up-do and accessorise your bun - curls are overrated.

Stay inspired!

Photos: Christian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan
Wearing: ruffled sheer shirt and destroyed denim skirt from TwinkleDeals, can't remember where the tights are from, Kookai bra.

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