Gotta Love This Winter Cliché

December 01, 2016

It's freezing out there, but sometimes I'm tired of layering and of all this cold and want to wear lighter clothes - I'm obsessed with silver so I want to include it in every single outfit! I've done my homework and shopped for some clicheistic wintery pieces which I must admit, I simply adore! 
Red, pom poms, stars, jacquard, silver, I welcome you to my life. 

Zaful, thank you for making my days brighter! This jumper is the epitome of winter, Christmas, sugar, spice and everything nice! Its pom poms are delicious and it couldn't look better than paired with a pair of silver leather shorts! I chose the fishnet tights because they are an on trend, funky alternative to the boring black tights. The jacquard boots are the cherry on top, colourful and bold! I love quirky mixes, so a military inspired cap what the first thing I had in mind to accessorise this outfit. You are probably curious about the bag, but darlings...that's another story, soon to read on my blog about. 

Take this as another winter party-inspired outfit and stay inspired, beautiful people!                     

Photos: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan
Wearing: Zaful jumper and shorts, H&M cap, SammyDress bag, Asos boots.

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