Orange Is the New Black

November 12, 2016

 Lately I've been obsessed with colours, and their psychological effect. For me, it's important to dress accordingly to my mood: it's not that I'm always super happy or energetic, but at times I do feel the need for a certain colour; I haven't tried an entire outfit in the same colour, but I tried layering different ton sur ton pieces. I chose an orange ochre faux fur coat, burnt orange tights, a flame orange skirt and earrings (Pantone tones), paired with an embroidered gingham top with bell sleeves and pointy boots in neutral suede.

I'm wearing embroidered blouse, A-line skirt and chain bag, all from SammyDress.
I love this top, it's very versatile - it can be worn with jeans and trainers for a sophisticated touch on a casual look, or a balancing piece when trying a ton sur ton mix. Find it HERE.

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 This mix made me fell energised, fresh, happy! Orange is a colour that can bring lots of pyschological benefits such as: happiness, energy, excitement, enthusiasm, prosperity, sophistication, chance, stimulation. Sounds good, doesn't it? I wanted to balance the orange with its complementary, blue - that brings calmness, serenity - and a tiny bit of red - comfort, intensity (the embroidery).


The bag is the much cheaper and very similar version of Chloe's Faye bag and looks amazing. The faux leather and suede look really good, it's well compartmented and perfect in size to carry your essentials. The good part - it goes with everything! Find it HERE.

The skirt is again a versatile piece, can be dressed up or down and I love the really soft fabric and the fact that it has actual buttons so when you sit you don't have to worry about it popping open, haha. I love its flame orange shade, it's made for Fall and Winter, definitely. Find it HERE.


 Would you try a similar look? Let me know your thoughts.


Styling: Carla Vadan
Wearing: SammyDress blouse, skirt and bag, Zara faux fur coat, earrings from eBay, Selected Femme Suede Boots.

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