A New Perspective

December 06, 2016

sometimes all you need is a new perspective.

You probably know already about TIJN. Let me remind you - I'm talking about TIJN Eyewear, they have some of the coolest styles around, both glasses and sunglasses. Hipster glasses, prescription glasses, super colourful glasses - you name it, they have it all! No, I still don't need a prescription, but I love accessories. Sometimes the best way to accessorise a look is with a pair of glasses/sunglasses. But it's winter, so I went for a pair of glasses - a killer pair I might say - clean lines, vibrant colours and a lovely retro feel, what more do you need? They are called Thjis and you can get yours right here
Oh, don't forget to sign up to their newsletter for a generous 20% OFF. Or just use the code 20FREE  at checkout. 

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