HOW TO: Be Happy With Yourself

December 19, 2016

you were born to be real, not to be perfect.

I've heard many people saying: "I need be happy", "Make me happy", "If I'm getting the job, I will be so happy!", etc. But stop and think for a second: all you need to be happy is within you, all the happiness that you need is there, inside you - you just need to let it shine. Start being happy for the simple fact of being alive, being healthy, having so many wonderful souls around, be happy for the food you eat and the water you drink. Not everybody has that privilege. When there is more gratitude and happiness within you than sadness and self-pity, that's when you will start shining and showing your true self. Think of this as a resolution for the year to come. 

Of course little things should make us happy too, wether they are spiritual or material - it doesn't matter. Besides finding my true self (perhaps helped by the new colour change towards a darker blonde which is my natural colour), there are these uber cute cat eye glasses and this super shiny metallic ruffle top that made my day, and they're from Zaful.

Photos and styling: myself

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