Sophisticated Minimalism

December 27, 2016

 Maybe a life without is better than a life with.

 The days are getting colder, so I start layering. What better way to layer than choosing monochrome pieces + neutral tones and adding pops of colour? Minimalism is the key word when layering. For a sophisticated minimalist look, here's my recipe. 

You will need:

a wool beanie in your fav colour
a camel coat
a denim bag
a pair of black tights
a pair of black peg trousers
Adidas Stan Smith trainers

Wear them with confidence and have fun, it's that easy! And I promise, they will keep you warm. I have found my favourites at Zaful and I'm sure you will find yours too! Throw an eye below for more inspiration.

Also, I couldn't resist ordering some not so minimalist items, so here they are:

Photo: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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