Urban Feel

April 06, 2017

Days are longer and brighter and I'm just trying to enjoying the weather as much as I can, whenever I can. For running errands, shopping or walking I choose a comfortable outfit with an urban feel to it.

Jeans are always my first option (if it's under 18°C, LOL) and I love to pair them with Converse, a cotton tee - a band tee in this case with one of my fav bands for real (it just makes me sick to see all the people rocking tees with rock bands they have no idea about and literally hate their music but wear them just to be cool - you're not cool, you're just lame), and a modern trench coat (this is one of the 3 I have and my favourite at the moment). The bag? Well, the smaller the better. Whenever I'm carrying a big bag I end up stuffing it with loads of stuff and I just end up with a back pain so I'm obsessed with small cross body bags.

I'm also a huge fan of jeans, I think I own more than 20 pairs but there's always room for more. These destroyed ones featuring a side stripe are just gorgeous and oh, so summery! They're from Zaful and can be found here.


Photos: Christian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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