10 Things I'm In Love With Now

May 11, 2017

I hate as many things as I love, even though hate might be an exaggerated term; I dislike and disagree with many people and things and that's just part of me. But today I'm gonna focus on few things that I'm really in love with now:

1. super oversized earrings - the bigger, the better
2. puffy shoulders for that 80's vibe that I adore
3. pure cotton denim in all shapes and sizes - I have a thing for oversized jackets
4. metallic shoes - from sandals to boots, just bring'em all on!
5. burgundy toe nails 
6. exotic prints for the ultimate summer vibe
7. people having just as much confidence as they need - too much is too much
8. green eyeliner - it just matches my eyes
9. my friends who don't hesitate to surprise me - thank you!
10. Franco Manca - no, it's not a hot guy - it's my favourite pizza place.

Should I mention my husband? I am always in love with him - today, tomorrow, yesterday, forever. I know how superficial the stuff in the list above might sound buy hey, we're all superficial, we all fall in love with little material things and perhaps that's one of the reasons to bring joy and fun to our lives. Tschüss!


Photo: Christian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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