L.A. Vibes

May 03, 2017

I've always been a huge fan of Pop Art, therefore loving the Pop culture. There's something awful about it, something fun about it, something that makes it an important part of our society - no matter how much you're denying it, you're into it - consumer culture, mass consumption, image culture, media culture and so on. The line between "high culture" and pop is so fine it might actually be inexistent. 

To be honest, I love irony and auto-irony and I feel that's what Pop culture is mostly about. Just think of Andy Warhol's work - it can be widely observed there! It's also about kitsch, about another fine line between expensive and cheap, between ugly and fun. And that's why I love it. Because I love contradictions.

Why did I make this introduction? To let you know me better so you can understand my style (I don't really care if you understand it or not to be honest - as long as there's an emotion, just let it be). For today, I went for an American-inspired look (after all, it's the place of birth for pop culture) where sport meets chic, rich meets poor, minimalism meets opulence, good taste vs. bad taste, an auto-irony that represents me. Enjoy!


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