Minimalism with a Twist

May 01, 2017

Minimalist pieces are my favourite. No matter what my mood is, I can go for a clean, crisp look or simply add other flashy pieces to take these pieces to another level - with a bit of a kitsch touch, which I love (auto-irony at its best). 

I put together for you few items which I love to inspire you in your summer looks. Summer looks are meant to be fuss-free, and you all know there's no better way to enjoy summer's heath than by just feeling comfortable with what you're wearing, going for light pieces in light colours, so check out my favs from RoseGal. Most of them are minimalist pieces, with a fun twist and I'm sure you'll love them! Above all, they're super affordable. From chiffon mini dresses to quirky accessories, they got'em all.

Above, left to right:

Below, left to right:

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