The Updated LBD

July 21, 2017

With the weekend around the corner, I can only think about my holiday. But until then, one of my favourite urban summer activities is going to a place where I truly feel "at home" and enjoying a glass of organic white wine, while having creamy salmon penne with generous parmesan shavings on top. I am a vegetarian but this is my weakness.

The best outfit for a chill night out? The little black dress. The LBD is simply timeless. I'm not a sucker for classical, timeless mixes but rather for modern clashes on a timeless pieces, so here I am. In my last post, I told you about a wonderful dress I got from METISU - this is the one! I love its metallic inserts and the asymmetric straps, it looks so modern and cool! I paired it with black, pointy slingbacks + sheer embroidered socks in pastel pink, my new fav jacquard jacket and a pastel pink quilted bag from Marc B.

You can eat, dance and even sing in this outfit - you know I always love feeling comfortable above all. Feeling comfortable makes me feel confident, live in the moment and not have useless thoughts as in "my dress is too tight, I can't breathe in it", "my shoes are killing me, can't wait to take them off", etc. There's nothing more "cheap" and "uncool" than feeling uncomfortable in your own clothes, in your second skin and not being able to enjoy life at its fullest. Don't worry, a super short, tight and totally uncomfy dress is not gonna make you look "sexy", but rather funny. 


Photo: Christian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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