Cluj By Night

August 10, 2017

Cluj-Napoca, my home town is such a beautiful place! It has tons of pubs, bars, restaurants all open until very late at night/morning, great outdoors and architecture and above all, it has my family and my highschool gang (the most fun in the world!). 

Whenever I'm back home - especially for the summer - I love going out as much as I can and making the most of my time. And because the days are hotter than hell, the evenings/nights seem the only normal option, which allows you to breathe and actually wear clothes, haha! Today Cristian and I went to the pool and swam a lot so I was really tired this evening, but after a quick shower we decided to go out and shoot for this new blog post first. I didn't even put makeup on and my hair was half wet, but I was in the mood for Photoshopping after and I'm super pleased with the result - probably our best photoshoot yet, totally representing my style and vision. I hope you will enjoy these pics as much as we do.

The emphasis is on accessories in this new look - it's all about statement earrings, short cross-body bags and studded belts! It is sooo easy to transform a casual look constructed with few basic (sophisticatedly basic let's say) items by adding some modern, bold accessories. The best place to find them? One of my favourite online shops - RoseGal. They do have amazing accessories at uber affordable prices so what's not to love? I still have a biiig wish list of things I'm in love with, from vintage style dresses to the coolest sunnies on the block, stay tuned!


Photo: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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