Back to (Art)School

August 22, 2017

From left to right: Cotton Candy Jumper | Hand Earrings | Tweed Bumbag | Pleated Skirt
September is almost here and although that makes me sad - the summer was short and it's gone once again - I am happy to go back to London soon and start making plans for this end of the year and the year to come. 

September was always the month (at least for me) when school started, work started...when the holidays were over, paving the way with fresh energy for a new year of hard work. School for me was always the place to be - I studied Fine Art so I was honestly eager to go back to school, see my friends, learn new things, buy new clothes and start an unforgettable adventure. It was fun, it was amazing, I had the time of my life...both in high school and in the years when I went to Uni. For those of you still going through that phase, when September means buying cool new clothes and making an impression (sorry for those of you who need to wear uniforms), here I am: choosing my favourite items on ZAFUL, making some outfit proposals and really hoping to inspire you.

Plus there’s something amazing I want to share with you, especially to students who are just about to go back to school. Why not get yourself some free new clothes before returning to school?
One of the best online stores I've been telling you about, ZAFUL, is now holding a special promotion called Back to School Season - Help me spread this post and help yourself too by increasing your chances of getting free clothes - that I’ve chosen for you. If my choice is simply not your cup of tea, simply go to the ZAFUL blog and join the party by yourself!
Check out the activity link and comment below with your favourite items, I am really curious of your choice.

Until September, make the most of these last days of summer! It's sweeter than cotton candy. 

From left to right: Knitted Dress | Pink Bandana | Pink Sunglasses | Pearl Embellished Bag

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  1. That's so neat that you majored in fine art. Some really cool pieces : )


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