Invest in the Right Accessories

November 12, 2017

I do believe that accessories can elevate a look or the contrary - totally kill it - you know, le détail qui tue. Having basic items or simple pieces without many prints or details is the perfect way to start (ok, I may be braver than this but hear me out). Invest in quality accessories which look amazing and go with everything. Or in statement ones. A branded belt is the best - it's a piece that you can keep forever and wear as much as you please. If you're on a budget, still save some money for a branded belt or a pair of nice (sun)glasses. It's totally worth it, trust me.

Because I love accessorising, I couldn't stop at my Off White belt (which in case you're still confused about, it's a statement accessory), so I added a pair of cat eye glasses (just for fun, I don't need functional glasses) from TIJN Eyewear, a mini yellow bag from ZAFUL in faux suede aaaaand a pair of green glittery socks. You might think these don't go together -but think again - have a look at the photos. I love this grey ruffle dress, it's like a blank canvas for me, on which I can paint the outfit that I want, depending on my mood. It's a soft fabric and looks casual, therefore perfect for a day look. Enjoy!


Photo: Eduuard
Styling + edit : Carla Vadan

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  1. Lately, I've been thinking of investing more into my accessories. Can't wait for the end of the year sales. A branded belt is a great idea. Your Off-White belt definately elevates your look. The belt is such an original design. Also, your handbag is amazing!

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