Obsessed - Dresses & Jumpers

November 10, 2017

Floral dresses, printed dresses, long dresses, feminine dresses (is that a pleonasm?). My winter revolves around this obsession - long, summery dresses, floaty and pretty, worn with pointy boots or with sock boots, maybe tights (if the weather asks for it), a soft and cosy jumper on top and I'm ready to enjoy life. And turn heads! Are you a fan of this type of outfit?

Red and fucshia/pink has always been one of my go-to mixes. It's bold, fun, feminine and it makes me feel confident. It makes me feel good and ready to conquer the world. Talking about accessories, I'm obsessed with NALIN studios, but not being a huge fan of necklaces (I love them now but I am not sure yet if this is just a phase or it too shall pass) I decided to go for a much cheaper version instead, just to have that precious feel. Perhaps I will decide to invest in a gold plated one soon, who knows? 

This awesome dress has a really pretty swallow print on it - I adore swallows, did you know they mate for life? I find that fascinating (life goals). The dress has some pretty buttons too - small and all functional - it took me around 10 minutes perhaps to button it up, but hey...it looks gorgeous. The sweater is made from a really thick and super soft fabric (it really feels like cashmere) and it keeps you cosy and warm, just like a coat. The necklaces, one choker and a double one are lovely too; they seem to work with everything being so minimal. My whole outfit is from ZAFUL, except the boots and bag. If you love them too, check them out below. Enjoy!


Photo: Eduuard
Styling: Carla Vadan

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  1. The long slit dress and pointy boots is such a look.


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