The Countdown to Black Friday Has Begun

November 22, 2017

 I was never a huge fan of Black Friday because I am anyway, a huge consumer of goods. Let's face it, I'm living in London where it's all about consumerism. I can't go down to the shop to buy a bread without buying 15 other items which I probably don't need, but are on sale or there's a fantastic offer going on. Maybe I am a shopaholic, and it's just me who feels this way...but trust me on this: every friend or family member who visited London weren't getting enough of...buying. Buying all kinds of stuff: sweets, clothes, underwear, homeware, beauty products, and the list goes on. My sister-in-law completely dislikes London but she said she would move here just to be able to buy stuff, because there's anything you want. And probably don't need. But feels good just having it.

Shopping is sometimes like a therapy: whenever I feel down, angry or I need to unwind I go shopping: either roam the charity shops in search of hidden gems, or head to TkMaxx (in case you heaven't heard of it it's a huge designer outlet selling everything from soaps to clothes and accessories), visit Peckham and all its little shops in which you can find really awesome stuff, head to Brixton for a day of shopping adventures with my bff, or simply stay in when the weather is horrible and shop online. Besides the high-street retailers and the above mentioned TkMaxx, there are the shopping platforms which you already know from my blog posts. Few of my favourites are Zaful, RoseGal and DressLily. The prices are low and most of the items are good quality. Fashion fades, so unless I'm investing in a statement piece that I can wear for years, I don't see the point (now that I am not yet a billionaire) in paying hundreds for a sweater or bag I really love. Correct? 

As Black Friday is around the corner, all the above mentioned have some pretty sweet deals for you. Let's see what they have in store for us, plus I'll leave you with few of my favourites from each website so far, enjoy!

From left to right: Shearling Denim Jacket | Velvet Jacket | Camel Jacket

From left to right: Plaid Biker Jacket |  Zip Detail Boots | Furry Handbag

From left to right: Faux Leather Backpack | Velvet Backpack |  Mock Croc Backpack

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