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November 24, 2017

Sometimes you visit a shopping platform, find many things you love and you realise they are so different from one another, but still work perfectly together. That's what happened the last time I visited METISU: a long wool blend coat in a perfect Glen Plaid, a white turtle neck jumper with embroidered details (which remind me of my friend Larisa - and all the caricatures of each other we used to draw back in high school) and a burgundy button-up skirt in luscious velvet. I knew how nice they would work together from the moment I first saw them: wether for work, breakfast with your bff or running errands in style, this outfit means business. Everything is soft, warm and comfortable. And above all, pretty. And feminine. And quite classy, what more do you need?

I accessorised the look with this mini bucket bag from RoseGal which is a statement bag and works with a wide range of colours, textures, fabrics. As a reminder, make sure to check them out and all their Black Friday deals. My favourite section? Check out the bags and accessories, there are many hidden gems at more than affordable prices.

I'm wearing a big black bow in my hair, but sorry you can'r really see it. We were fighting with the wind during this shoot and it seems like the wind won. Maybe next time, haha. Socks and sling-backs is new to me, but I had this idea and decided to go ahead with it. I honestly love the result, it's a bold and fun way to wear your favourite summery shoes through the winter (I'm talking about the London winter, I wouldn't advise my dear Romanian friends - or those who live in the countries with real winters,  to start an adventure in the snow with kitten heels, it would look more than stupid). So that's it for today, I decided to just talk about style today as my mind is racing and I have so many things to do, so a little break from everything is nice every once in a while.

P.S.: No, I didn't go to the church on this day, we simply chose the location because it was nice and quiet and I love its architectural details. 


Long Plaid Coat - I got a size M
Embroidered Jumper - size M again
Velvet Skirt - size L in this one, M would have been OK too

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Photo & video: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

Make sure to check out RoseGal and it's Black Friday Online - Black Friday Deals.

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