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March 02, 2018

The past week it's been about snow: London covered in snow. Empty streets, empty parks, beautiful white snow, cold wind and warm clothes.

Well for us, this is a well-deserved winter holiday. It feels like Christmas is near, you feel like lighting candles, drinking hot coffee or chocolate most of the time, hiding under cosy, warm blankets and hit play on Netflix.
 I was glad to have most of the days off, Christian was off too so we spent the past days together,  waking up late, eating hearty breakfasts and then going out for long walks under the heavy skies, where the snow made everything seem so...surreal. I haven't seen proper snow in seven years now, so you can imagine the joy I felt in my heart, it felt like a choir of angels was singing "Hallelujah" on my shoulder on repeat. I don't even exaggerate now.

We went on rediscovering our beautiful Dulwich, its cafes, its beautiful houses, its inspiring stories. We went for coffees every single day, in different places. We cooked yummy home-made foods and drank wine in the afternoon. The streets were so empty, they are empty even just doesn't feel like London anymore. And I love that. Sometimes you just deserve a break, a moment of silence.
 I am glad to have read "The Little Book of Hygge" by Meik Wiking last week, it opened my eyes and made me fall in love once again with those little things that matter, those moments of silence, those empty, soundless seconds filled with so many feelings. It's like hearing my heart beat again. That book is a reminder, of all the things you thought you lost but now found, all within yourself. Having the snowfall after reading that wonder...oh boy, it was just a perfect timing. Sometimes the planets do align themselves, giving you the inspiration, creativity and strength to go on and feel so alive again. I hadn't even realised it's March if it weren't for my friends, who sent me their good thoughts and positive emotions, wishing me an amazing spring. 
It's now my turn to wish you all a wonderful spring, filled with the highest, bestest emotions your soul can possibly feel. Stay healthy, creative and alive. And if you haven't read the hygge book, please do. I am sure you will adore it as much as I do.




I am wearing: vintage coat, H&M Bag, Primark gloves, RoseGal boots, Zara earrings, RoseGal cap.

Photos of me: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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