Pop Art on a Snowy Day

March 20, 2018

Always wear colours when it's snowing. It makes you feel more alive and it doubles the fun.

From my experience of people-watching over the years, I have realised many of the outfits lack colour, power and fun. Especially in the winter. We do tend to camouflage ourselves in the greyness of everything that surrounds us in this urban decor, but wearing colours is always empowering, fun and cool. I love to wear colours when it's snowy when the clouds promise everything is about to be covered in a white layer of fluffy snow. It just makes me feel so alive!

I've had my eyes on this coat for some time now, and having a huge pink box delivered to me by VIP.com meant business. Those who follow me on Instagram (@carlavadan) and watch my Instastories know what I mean - my heart was flooded with happiness and gratitude when I opened the box - the coat was finally mine. I love it so because I adore Pop Art. I fell in love with it through Andy Warhol and his books which I read and reread (yes, he wrote many), which all feel like they've been written by myself, in a past life. I love the satirical, the kitsch and the optimism in Pop Art. After all, it's part of our daily life, even now, almost 70 years after its birth. 
So you can imagine how I feel wearing this coat: I feel perfect. On top of its looks - it's a gorgeooous coat, it's also warm and extremely comfortable. It's made from a wool mix and yes, it's printed. Some of you thought I've painted it (yup, I do customise t-shirts or jackets) but not this time. It's a ready-made, haha.
I chose to wear it with primary colours - red, yellow and navy (just like the Romanian flag, but it's a coincidence). It just felt right. I know some of you might think wool - patent leather suede and knits might not work together but have a second look at the photos below. Surprise, it does. 
The dress is also from VIP.com and it's a fine knit. I will keep it for the summer though, it would work better, with either a puffy sleeved shirt underneath, either just as it is, on bare skin. I don't have a big chest so I can play around with deep V's and I'm grateful for that. I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. 😸

The bag that I'm wearing is an old Asos one, almost vintage - bought it for a pound, and the boots are Sacha London, made in Spain from real suede, they are so soft and comfy. I was lucky to find them in an outlet, as they sell for £225. 

Hope you love the look and make sure to check out VIP.com to find your perfect match. I have another wonderful piece from them which I will style up in the next blog post. Stay tuned!


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Fashion styling: @carlavadan

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  1. I'm gonna wear colors tomorrow but not sure about the shoes yet, because the snow reaches my knees right now... winter is here!
    Love your coat so much <3

    1. Oh, I love winter so! Thank you, it's one of my fav coats ever to be honest. So curious about your colourful outfit. xx

  2. I’m loving your beret and the image on your coat. That’s cool that you’ve incorporated colored tights into your outfit, as well.

    1. Thank you Diana! I really like coloured tights, especially in the winter. In the spring I tend to add monochrome ones, usually black in 15-20den.

  3. very cool outfit, dear!


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