Why You Don't Need to Understand Fashion

March 22, 2018

Why you don't need to understand fashion - is this even a question? Because there is nothing to understand.
Fashion is a mood, a sensation, a feeling. Fashion is about being yourself and having fun.

Nobody asks you to understand fashion or anybody's sense of style for that matter. 
Of course, for those who are passionate about or have studied Art, Fashion and Art History, it's something natural: you know how and why the colours work together, you can easily understand the concept behind a collection or trend, you see the link between how the World is going as a whole and the fashion seasons, etc. 

Why did I start this article?
Some ladies and gents on my social media, debating how lame Gucci is and making fun of what they wouldn't understand: "How can this be called fashion, is this for girls or boys?" That was their concern, probably not being up-to-date with the concept of gender-fluid. I am a huge fan of Michele's work, I personally believe the man is a modern day genius, so below is my reponse.

Just as I do not understand why girls much younger than me, at 17, 18, or 23 choose to undergo 10 plastic surgeries a year: lip fillers, nose jobs, boob jobs and whatever else there is, how they got the money for it and why they choose to all look the same or to dress like call girls. But that doesn't mean I make fun and laugh whenever I see one that fits into the above category. (Ok, maybe I am, but trying to keep that to myself or to understand them - their background, their lack of self love and self confidence and so on).

Just like we're all free to do whatever the hell we want, we are free to wear whatever we want. Clothes don't necessarily need to show your best parts or make you look provocative or sexy for that matter, they don't need to be in line with what others are wearing, they don't need to be understood, they don't even need to be appreciated. They just need to be in line with your personality, your mood, your vibe. If you like what you're wearing and you feel confident in those pieces, it's all that matters. Trust me. Nobody gives a damn, and if they do...well, let them laugh, and laugh back. Let them not understand, don't even try to explain yourself. You don't have any reason to.

Wear weird clothes if you feel they define you. Get a unique pet, that others wouldn't dream of having. Shave your head. Wear a sequined dress while grocery shopping. Go out in a pyjama. Wear a tulle bodysuit to a festivals, with glittery stars to cover your essentials. Fashion is not here to be understood, but to be worn and felt.


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  1. I agree that fashion doesn’t need to be understood. Your awesome at styling colors. All your metallic pieces are so cool.


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