Zaful Summer Wishlist

May 05, 2018

From left to right: Bodycon Dress (so 90's) | Ribbed Top | Cami Dress | Leaf Print Set 
The game has changed, I mean the weather. It's nice and sunny and that makes my soul feel at peace - I am dreaming of unique experiences, making the most of my time, working on a cool new project (you will hear more soon) and creating memories every single day.

I know you guys won't stay in front of your PC's and laptops forever now that it's summer, so I will keep it short: I checked Zaful on their app and realised my basket has now reached 88 items. I believe it's time to go through them and make an order, finally. It's a pain to decide, but I put together a small list of some of the most beautiful, summery, magical pieces for you - summer shopping made easy.

My current obsessions are warm colours, especially yellow and a particular shade of warm yet rich orange, minimal pieces made of soft, light fabrics just like the ones below. I couldn't find the accessories I wanted or the shoes on the website for now, but take a high quality, hand-made straw hat, some espadrilles, and you're good to go with any of these beauties below. Enjoy!



From left to right: Knitted Top | A-Line Skirt | Summer Set | Lace Top | Stripy Shorts | Crop top | Stripe Trousers

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