One Skirt, Three Summer Looks

June 30, 2018

I am counting down the days to my holiday, have I mentioned that? Packing has always been a problem, and my father makes sure to call me before leaving to tell me not to bring my entire wardrobe with me. That would be impossible, unless I would hire a truck. Or two.

Altohugh more than sure I will have at least four or five suitcases with me, I am making this blog post for those of you for whom there is still hope.
Creating 3 entirely different looks has never been easier. What you'll need? Essentials. Everybody takes few swimsuits on a summer holiday, and for sure you'll take a skirt too.
I will show how, with my new beloved skirt from Zaful, and three of their swimsuits I created three really cool, easy looks.

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1. Colours & Prints

Don't be afraid of colour and of mixing prints. If you don't do it in the summer, then when in the world are you gonna do it? Now's the time. I mixed green with pastel purple (that's how it is in real life), pastel blue, pastel pink and a pair of bold earrings. Floral prints and dots? Always! You can wear this look anywhere from beach to a summer party or simply out for a coffee.

I am wearing: Zaful Floral Skirt | Zaful Polka Dot Swimsuit | Zaful Cropped Jacket | Zara Earrings | Topshop Suede Mules

2. La bohème

A plain white two-piece swimsuit (yaaaas to high cut & high waisted bikins), paired with an oversized see-through top, precious statement earrings and metallic sandals featuring block heel for that vintage feel. You can wear it anywhere! Even grocery shopping. In the South of France, of course.

I am wearing: Zaful Floral Skirt | Zaful White Swimsuit | Zara Top | Tk Maxx Sandals

3. Hidden Details

I really wanted an asymmetrical swimsuit, and this is the perfect one. It's a bit challenging to put it on with all the lace-up details, but I must admit, I love it! Love the muted tones and the fact there are actually two tones. It almost looks nude, expect is not. This beauty, plus the wrap skirt, a silk blazer and a pair of flat, comfy mules is downright perfection. Yas to long summer days. And white nights.

I am wearing: Zaful Floral Skirt | Zaful Swimsuit | Vintage Blazer | Zaful Mules

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