Look of the Day - Saturday

July 07, 2018

Definitely one of my favs for this summer, this ultra-feminine white dress is what dreams are made of: a silky fabric, a provocative slit, minimalism, the asymmetric details, all of these make it feel just right for me.

I admit: I'd wish this perfect dress was a bit longer, but I can never find a dress to actually hit the ground. So lucky those who aren't tall, as maxi dresses will actually be maxi.
Some of you probably see it as an evening dress, or a dress that might be fit for a wedding or special occasion. I don't. I love wearing elegant dresses for day, dressing them down to a casual perfection. 

I opted for my white leather mules again, my vintage shell bag (I'm in love with these, can't help it!), and this perfect Zara hat that I've been hunting for weeks and weeks. 
Of course you can add other accessories and make this dress an evening one, it's just not totally me. I would wear this outfit for evening, with a little chignon, a bold lip and a golden hair accessory. Still on the minimal side, this dress is too pretty to be "ruined" with unneccesary bits.

How would you wear it?



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