Look of the Day - Friday

July 06, 2018

Friday is here! Can't believe this week flew by so fast and our holiday is coming closer and closer. I am literally counting down the days and minutes, I can't wait for it! 

One of my fav dresses this time, this forest green beauty is probably (almost) the best summer dress ever. I love the deep V - it's always flattering for me as I don't have a big chest, it's a smart wrap dress (meaning it's lined, therefore when it lifts your underwear is still under), love the foliage print - just the look of it makes you feel safe from the heat.

Yup, it's from Metisu too. They probably have some of the cutest dresses ever - in all shapes, sizes, fabrics and colours! This dress doesn't need much: a pair of sunnies - I went for my statement Gucci ones, a vintage beaded bag and the comfiest pair of mules.



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