Look of the Day - Thursday

July 05, 2018

Another day, another look. Yup, it's all about dresses and skirts and super light pieces as the temperatures get close to 30 degrees in London these days.

I have four brand new dresses from Metisu, I am going to continue the daily posts with them so you can see them all and how I styled them. At first, this dress wasn't my cup of tea to be honest, as it looked too boho for my taste, but I decided to give it a try. I loved the light fabric and the super comfortable, extremely summery design so this I how I styled it.

This dress has that carefree festival feel to it, that complete summerness: it's white, with colourful florals, it has an open back and lace-up details. Oh, and a front slit. I can't say it's my fav dress ever but I know many of you will love it and see it as the ultimate festival dress. Paired either with western-inspired boots or imiltary-inspired one, and maybe a baker boy hat, and a leather bum bag, this will get you festival-ready in a second.

Who likes it?



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