Long Time Travellin'

September 05, 2018

Reality is what you make it. However you want to live, you can. Take a break from your old habits and start new ones.

Hello lovelies,

Guess who's back! I am back to London, after a month back home in Transylvania. Together with Cristian, we've been travelling in many magical places across Romania, I'm sure many of you have already discovered our journey on my Instagram.
I took a little break from with the blog too, as I wanted to focus more on real experiences, on enjoying the moment, and less on entering a virtual world. My MacBook stayed at home for most of the time, there were long days when I wouldn't even touch it. And trust me, that felt great. 
Creating new habits feels good, especially when it involves doing something for yourself and for the others. Being there, for real. Not just an avatar, not just a retouched and carefully curated image, not just words and pixels, but your actual self. The way you actually are, with your actual family, friends, people that are there for you no matter what. Not just double-tapping a photo edited in four different apps, but embracing you, as a whole being, as a magical creature. Have you tought of that lately?

 We're so blinded by getting followers, showing our perfect self in selfies and photos, maintaing an image, and even altering our reality - I mean even adding a simple filter alters reality, that we forget to live in the real world. And we should do it. We should do it more often. It will restart our brains and upgrade ourselves. It's good to do a reality check, at least from time to time.


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