Weekend Ideas

September 07, 2018

Friday night, that means the weekend is on! Not for all of us, I know. But for some of us.

While it's getting colder outside, I prefer to stay cosy and therefore remain indoors for the evening. I know, all you want is to wear your fav shorts and chunky jumper, together with those fluffy socks, but why not celebrate inside? Put some makeup on, do your hair and put a lace dress on! Yup, you can just cook pasta and sip some wine in this outfit, and that's because you don't care. You can just watch Netflix in it, just because you can and no one will see you. My husband will see me so yas to that. Why not pamper yourself? And "ruin" the dress by staying in and playing board games. I'm in for all that!
Or put your shoes on, throw a trench coat on and get out! Go to your local store and buy your fav magazine. And an ice-cream and some crisps. Yup, the people will stare. And that's the fun part. That's one of my fav things to do when I'm bored: just put something funky on, dress up, stand out and go to Tesco. Ah, the simple things in life. So, who's in?



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