My Type of Neutrals

December 22, 2018

Some of you are perhaps, just like me, obsessing over neutrals these days. In a time when the world moves so fast and days seem to be flying be, we all feel the need for some sort of comfort, stability, calm...hence our need to take it slow, to mute the colours and simply go for something cosy, simple, natural, which brings us closer to nature and to life itself.

And these vibe I totally feel. I feel the same need. But at the same time, aesthetically speaking, I love to mix neutrals with metallic details. I believe it simply looks precious, subtle in a very weird way. It glows, but it's a toned down glow. A wear-me-daily glow. It has that je ne sais quoi which I absolutely love.

On my new order at SHEIN, I bought two items which work together so perfectly and which are both so comfy that you feel like you were born in them: the plaid coat and this oversized gray sweater.

Although the coat is not lined, it's made from a thick, soft fabric which makes it fit for winter. I am not sure about -10 degrees winter weather, but I am damn sure about the London winter. Fits like a glove! It's available in 3 different colours, but I went for white as it's closer to my soul and looks so wintery. I honestly don't get the ones who wear dark colours in winter...what's the thing?

The moment I tried this sweater on, which is also super soft and warm, I knew I had to pair it with my sequined skirt, so here I am. I added knee high boots in navy and a studded bag for a bit of aggresivity. Lol. Next time I am thinking of wearing a similar outfit (perhaps with a different coat), only with knee-high socks and sandals. What do you say?


Drape Collar Grid Longline Coat - HERE

Exaggerate Long Sleeve Eyelet Detail Jumper - HERE

                                    P.S.: enter my code carlavadan20 at checkout for 20% your order at SHEIN.

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