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December 27, 2018

I love shopping online and one of the online shops I love ordering from is FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk: they have a good selection of on-trend items, all with affordable prices.

This time I ordered some really cosy winter wear, and also a dress. Are you curious? Let's have a look!
The first item is an oversized cable knit jumper which goes by the name of HEIDI, and which I am obsessing over. It's extremely soft and warm, and I chose the gray version of it, find it over HERE. Although it's presented as a dress, unfortunately it's way too short for me to wear it as one, therefore I wear it as a jumper. It goes with everything, from skirts to trousers and jeans, shorts, leggings...you name it.

The second item is actually a set: a midi skirt & a cropped sweater, both knitted and featuring the same print like the dress from my latest post for FemmeLuxeFinery, do you remember it? Well, I love this pattern! And the midi skirt - crop top combo is one of my favs. Casual but feminine, relaxed, yet always sophisticated. The set is called FREYA and you can find it HERE.

The next one is also a set, leggings and a crop top. This one is the comfiest ever! It's super warm and cosy and when you put it on you don't want to take it off anymore. You insantly fall in love with its sophisticated simplicity! It can be dressed up or down, accessorised in a thousand ways, but I love to keep it minimal. It looks best! I usually wear with my teddy coat over, so the overall feel is "wearing my duvet and PJs". Weird, huh? But so perfectly cosy. This set is called ALISON and it can be found HERE.

Aaaand the dress! This is a stunning summer dress, so why did I get it right now? Because! A girl can make plans for all the summer festivals right in the middle of winter. And that's exactly what I am on. It's a mesh dress, completely see-through and I plan of wearing it next summer with high-waisted knickers and a bralet, Doc Martens and an oversized Levi's denim jacket. How good does that sound?
The dress is called MARIAH and it can be found over HERE.

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