Winter Days

January 06, 2019

On some cold and sunny winter days, I simply dream of spring, of those first rays of warm sunshine and golden daffodils which I always have in a vase in my living room come spring...

On those days, I have to get my spring attire on, and I chose to do so by wrapping everything inside a big, warm coat. That way, I'm staying warm and wherever I chose to go, I can still look as if it's spring. But only when I take my coat off.

White is really one of my fav colours for winter, along with warm neutrals. I am recently obsessed with oversized hoodies, and even though it's difficult ot find one that looks truly oversized on tall people too...well, I went few sizes up for mine and it really has that oversized feel. This one is from SHEIN and you can find it HERE.
The moment I laid my eyes on the hoodie, I knew I was going to pair it with a snakeskin print skirt which was also on my basket on SHEIN. Get the skirt over HERE. Knee-high boots were a must since it's really cold and thick tights weren't an option on the day.

Also, I've decided not to hide my dark circles anymore and simply let them be without editing all the pics. I truly hate my dark circles and hope to get rid of them one day as I feel like I'm always looking tired and lifeless even though I'm not. I always get a good sleep and hydrate myself, but my dark circles are there because of my bone & muscle structure and they would only go away with fillers. The simple thought of a needle being in the proximity of my eyes scares the hell out of me so I will think about that for now. Does any of you have the same problem? Hit me up.

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