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January 14, 2019

Many of you have seen some of the new items I bought from FemmeLuxeFinery via my Insta Stories or posts and really loved them, so I decided to make a whole blog post about my newest finds, with direct links to all the products so you can start shopping!

The first product and probably one of my favourites is a set, made of knitted shorts and jumper. And yaaaas, it's neon pink! Now let me tell how cosy and soft it is: you don't want to take it off! Altough I am now wearing it at home due to being super cold outside, I am planning on hidding it until spring and then wearing it out there, with trainers, socks and a statement bag.
This set is called PERINA (Neon Pink Knit Crop Jumper and Shorts Loungewear ) and you can shop for it on this link: HERE

The next item is another neon find, a cropped turtleneck, warm and soft, which I love wearing under another cropped hoodie or jumper, for a pop of colour on warmer days. I absolutely love it, it changes every single outfit you include it in!
This beauty goes by the name of RINAH (Neon Lime High Neck Ribbed Knit Crop Jumper) and you can find it on, on this link: HERE, along side neon dresses and jumper dresses. dresses jumper dresses

This is how I wore the neon jumper from above in its first outfit: utility trousers, an oversized cropped hooded jumper and an oversized blazer. What can I do, I'm really into oversized stuff! 
Both the jumper and trousers are from as I mentioned before. I love the cargo pants in this shade of beige, you can wear them with every colour under the sun. The fabric is nice too, but quite light, so I will keep them until the weather goes warmer to wear them. Not that I'm cold in them, but simply because they inspire summer adventures.
Now the cropped hoodie, oh I am so in love with its mega soft and comfy fabric! The sleeves are super long and the oversized feel of it simly makes me feel fantastic, as you can see below.
Find the cargo trousers (Stone Shell Pocket Cargo Trousers) under the name CHRISTINA on this link HERE and the cropped hoodie (Camel Hooded Crop Sweater Jumper) which goes by the name of GIA on this link: HERE.

Which are your fav items? dresses jumper dresses

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