Weekend Looks

February 26, 2019

A quick post on my last weekend's outfit, with my newly ordered pieces from SHEIN.
You know what I love most is feeling well, comfortable and myself in the clothes which I'm wearing...therefore here I am with a beautiful pale yellow corduroy suit, shining brighter than the Sun. I am not a huge fan of yellow in general, but this pale yellow...I have to admit, I am dying for it! 
It's all about good vibes and 70s summer feels! Maybe because one of my fav series is That 70s Show ( I watched it two times from begging to the end in the last 10 years, and plan of watching it again in the future :)) and their outfits always inspired me. Christian even told me I have some Donna vibes in this suit (Hot Donna hopefully?)...for those who know the series that's a great compliment! I've always identified myself with her character.

Get the suit on SHEIN on this link, HERE.

My obsession with neutrals continues, with a new maxi camel coat. I am in love with this beautiful piece, mainly because its soft fabric and length. Finally, a long coat that's long for me too! The drawstring detail is a cool touch, creating the perfect blend between classic and modern. Such a little detail that makes such a huge difference! 
I have to admit that while ironing the coat I burnt it - told ya I hate ironing and it seems like the clothes iron hates me back...and now it has two iron stains on the lower back side. In case you see me on the street with this marks...well, I warned you. I will wear the coat as it is. I love and I don't care about that evil iron, lol.

You can get the amazing camel coat on SHEIN, on this link HERE.

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I am wearing Saddle Bag from ISAWITFIRST - HERE
Velvet Animal Print Dress from ISAWITFIRST - HERE

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